A downloadable asset pack

What is it?

Cowboy VS Zombie is a tutorial on Unity I made for GCC, an Enseirb-Matmeca club (https://gcc.eirb.fr). It presents the main functionalities of the Unity engine and some good practices.

And the tutorial is in French.

DISCLAIMER: the purpose of the tutorial is not to create the best and most efficient algorithms but to discover some key functions in the Unity API.

What contains?

It contains all the assets and the PDF files to follow the tutorial.

Also, I’m not a 3D artist. So, sorry for your eyes!


-You can use this asset pack for personal and commercial use.

-You cannot redistribute this asset pack.


WARNING: this tutorial has been developed for live sessions. Therefore, the PDF files are just support versions for now. A new version will be available which will be only in PDF files.


Cowboy_VS_Zombie__Tuto.zip 11 MB
Cowboy_VS_Zombies__Game.zip 158 MB

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